Why Your Doctor Needs to Know About Your Supplements

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Visiting a doctor includes the completion of necessary paperwork detailing current and previous health history. Included in this paperwork is a list of medications and supplements you currently take. The best way to fill this out accurately is to bring the medicines with you and copy the information from the packaging to the paperwork. While most post patients remember to include information from prescribed medications, many fail to include any supplements or vitamins they take regularly. While everyone has their reasons to omit this information, it may be better for your health for you to cover everything, including adrenal support supplements.

Medical malpractice attorneys have represented many clients who were injured because of medication errors by a healthcare professional, including doctors, nurses, and pharmacists, who should have known the risk of injury or illness caused by giving a certain medication to the victim.

Weight Loss and Energy Promises

Maybe you have tried all other avenues to lose weight. Perhaps you feel fatigued on a daily basis, no matter how many hours of sleep you get each evening. There is a growing market of adrenal support supplements on the market promising to cure those symptoms. Although we cannot speak to their effectiveness, it is essential to tell your doctor if you are taking these medications.

Of the products currently on the market, all of them tested to contain some form of thyroid medication and seven of them also had a steroid hormone. Alarmingly, these ingredients are not always included in the labeling. Therefore, consumers may unknowingly be self-medicating their thyroid, causing it malfunction. A malfunctioning thyroid can have the following impact:

  • Death
  • Improper cellular functions
  • Weight gain
  • High cholesterol
  • Heart failure
  • Heart attacks
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Menstrual irregularities
  • Fertility problems

Other Supplements

Supplements are available for just about every ache or perceived body function error. You should disclose even a simple multivitamin, fish oil capsule, or ginkgo biloba to your doctor. Often, these vitamins and supplements impact more than just the desired “trouble area.†Popular supplements can affect the results of medical testing. Vitamins can influence the effectiveness of prescription medication, as well as enhance the possible side effects.

Medication Injury

If you or a loved one suffered injuries after a supplement reacted negatively to prescription medication, or a doctor misdiagnosed an illness, your doctor, pharmacist or another party may be at fault. Both your doctor and pharmacist have a duty to prevent any adverse interactions between medications, including supplements. Medical malpractice attorneys will actively seek to uncover the responsible parties and hold them accountable for their negligence.

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