Elder Care Abuse Lawyer Phoenix AZ

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Giving a Powerful Voice to Those Injured by the Wrongdoing of Others

Giving a Powerful Voice to Those Injured by the Wrongdoing of Others


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Elder Care Abuse Lawyer Phoenix AZ

Elder Care Abuse Lawyer Phoenix AZ

The possibility of not being able to take care of your loved one when they get to a certain age is not something family members want to experience. The harsh reality is that many of us will have to face the decision to put a parent or loved one in a nursing home. And though you may have made every effort to choose a facility that you believed was safe and caring, it only takes one abuser to cause catastrophic harm to a resident. In these scenarios, an elder care abuse lawyer in Phoenix AZ from Rispoli Law, PLLC can help you pursue justice against the abusers. A civil lawsuit against the facility can result in a substantial settlement that will provide proper care for your loved one.

The Statistics

Baby Boomers now make up about fifteen percent of the population in the United States. By the year 2029, people 65 and older will represent about 20 percent of the U.S. population. The need for quality nursing homes is greater than ever. The unfortunate fact is that abuse and neglect in nursing homes increases with the number of seniors admitted to these homes.

Nursing homes are not cheap, even with subsidies paid in party by Medicaid or Medicare. Despite this, the facilities often lack the personnel and resources to provide sufficient quality care for residents. As a result, neglect can occur. When it is not resolved immediately and completely, the resident’s loved ones may have only one choice when seeking to resolve the issues and hold the nursing home accountable. With an elder care abuse lawyer in Phoenix AZ from Rispoli Law, PLLC by your side, you can pursue litigation against the facility.

Does a Nursing Home Have to Treat Bed Sores?


Many elderly people will be vulnerable to getting bed sores; in particular those who are immobile. What many people don't realize is that bedsores can be an indication of neglect on the part of nursing home staff. In other words, when an elder is properly cared for in a facility, it is often possible for bed sores to be prevented. When a nursing home does not treat an elderly person with the care they need and deserve, there is a greater risk of developing bedsores. Should they go untreated, an infection can develop, as well as, intense pain. In some cases, a bed sore can result in death. 

If you notice bedsores on your elderly loved one, you should not delay in consulting an elder care abuse lawyer in Phoenix, AZ for advice and help. Often, these facilities are held responsible for neglect of an elder when bed sores are not being treated or have developed when they should not have. 

What is a Bedsore?

Bedsores are an ulcer on the skin that happen when pressure is placed onto the affected area. These sores are most common on bony areas of the skin; including, heels, ankles, knees, tailbone, hips, and elbows. When a person in immobile, they could develop bedsores on other parts of the body. 

The severity of a bedsores can vary from a mild irritation to a large gaping wound. In the later case, this wound can become infected and lead to exposure of the nearby tissues or bone. When a bed sore has become open and infected, the risk of MRSA or staph infections is considerably high; both of these infections can lead to the death of an elderly person. 

The Causes of Bed Sores and How to Prevent Them

When an area of the body is exposed to pressure for a long period of time, blood flow to that area can become restricted. If that area of the body does not move, the skin can become damaged, and bedsores may develop. In general, active elders will not have an issue with bed sores. However, those who are in a wheelchair, are immobile, or bed-bound may be at risk for developing them. 

To prevent bedsores, the elder should be cleaned on a regular basis, clothed daily, and moved every few hours. If an elder cannot move on their own, the staff should reposition them as needed. Specialized mattresses, bedding, and tools might also be utilized to prevent bed sores from happening. When these precautionary measures are not taken, and bed sores result, you should speak with an elder care abuse lawyer in Phoenix, AZ. 

Who May Be Held Responsible for Bedsores

As an elder care abuse lawyer in Phoenix, AZ might explain to you, bed sores can develop even when a resident is being properly attended to. However, many are the result of neglect, and in this case, the nursing home may be held responsible. Often, these elderly victims will have been treated by many different staff members; some of which who did not adhere to their duties. Our Phoenix, AZ elder care abuse lawyer knows that when this happens, there are typically larger problems within the facility as a whole. Some of these may include:

  1. Understaffing issues
  2. Improper training
  3. Poor hiring policies or procedures
  4. Vicarious liability

If your loved one developed pressure sores, otherwise known as bed sores, and you believe these are related to neglect, please do not delay in calling an elder care abuse lawyer Phoenix, AZ trusts. 

When You Suspect a Loved One is Being Abused

The prevalence of nursing home abuse cases is much higher than people may imagine, and it is alarming that such an issue still arises to this day. Change generally does not occur until nursing home abuse incidents are fully investigated and justice is found for residents who have suffered such mistreatment. Nursing home abuse should not be taken lightly, and signs that it is happening should not be shrugged off. It is important to contact a Phoenix, AZ elder care abuse lawyer if you suspect that your loved one is being abused. Depending on the nature of the circumstances your loved one is facing, taking action now may actually save his or her life.

Q: Which residents are more vulnerable to being abused?

A: Residents who have unique and special needs may be at a greater risk for abuse than others. Those who rely entirely on staff for living, veterans, women and LGBT residents may suffer abuse or mistreatment due to their differences or need for constant care. Additionally, patients with severe cognitive or physical disabilities may be targets of abuse since they cannot necessarily speak up for or defend themselves. It is especially important to contact an experienced Phoenix, AZ elder care abuse lawyer if your vulnerable loved one’s care is being compromised in any suspicious or unusual way.

Q: What are the top reasons why nursing home abuse occurs?

A: Staff shortages, lack of training, underpaid staff, poor management, lack of accountability, and individual caregiver issues are some of the top reasons why nursing home mistreatment happens. Nursing homes are responsible for hiring enough staff so that all residents can be attended to in a prompt manner. However, due to the demands of being a caregiver, nursing home facilities may face a high turnover rate. Then, the facility may hire caregivers out of desperation instead of based on qualification and experience. Immediately after a nursing home encounters a staff shortage, caregivers may drop their responsibilities, standards of care may decrease, and other duties may be neglected entirely. The staff that do remain may become hostile and frustrated due to the lack of help, which then may be taken out on the elderly residents. For this reason, if you notice that your loved one’s care facility is experiencing a staffing shortage and standards are slipping, consider scheduling a consult with a Phoenix, AZ elder care abuse lawyer in order to better determine your next steps.

Q: What can I look out for that may mean my loved one is being abused?

A: If your loved one at a nursing home facility tells you directly that he or she is being abused, listen and respond with urgency. Some family members may dismiss such accusations, especially if the loved one has been diagnosed with a memory disease such as alzheimer’s or dementia. However, your loved one may be taking a huge risk by telling you about the abuse. It is possible he or she has been enduring it for some time and hasn’t told you about it sooner out of fear or being mistreated further. It is better to contact a Phoenix, AZ elder care abuse lawyer and later learn that your loved one was somehow mistaken than it would be to turn a blind eye to abuse.

Q: Should I take my loved one out of the nursing home facility?

A: If you hear or witness that your loved one has been abused during his or her stay at the nursing home, please contact a Phoenix, Arizona elder care abuse lawyer immediately. In addition, please take photographic evidence of anything related to the abuse or neglect, such as dirty living conditions, physical marks that went undocumented or unexplained by staff, and peculiar medication prescriptions. Do not leave your loved one alone, and please contact Rispoli Law, PLLC for legal support and guidance regarding how to proceed.

Rispoli Law, PLLC

We are concerned attorneys who deal with nursing home abuse and neglect issues. We work hard to address the wrongdoings that occur in nursing homes, confronting administrators and hopefully enacting positive change. An elder care abuse lawyer in Phoenix AZ from Rispoli Law, PLLC can represent your family in your quest to protect your elder.

It is important to note that an attorney may only take your case if you have gone through the appropriate channels at the nursing home to address the issue and it has not been rectified to your satisfaction. Talk to an elder care abuse lawyer in Phoenix AZ from our firm to find out more.

Nursing Homes

A nursing home is a for-profit business, and unfortunately there are some unethical owners and administrators that funnel money intended for the care of the residents into their own pockets. One of the ways to keep these shady owners and administrators from doing this is through the civil justice system. Sadly, the ones who suffer most from this greed are the residents through neglect, abuse, or both. We will fight for the rights and safety of your loved one and hope that handling this through the court system will bring awareness to the problem and deter subsequential incidents. Learn about Medication errors and
Can Medication Errors Be a Result of Nursing Home Neglect?

Rispoli Law, PLLC

Fortunately, it is not all nursing homes that are mismanaged. However, if you are concerned about the care and conditions where your loved one resides, contact us to set up a consultation. Call us immediately to speak with an
elder care abuse lawyer Phoenix AZ community members choose from Rispoli Law, PLLC.

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Should you find it necessary to enroll yourself or a loved one in a nursing home or other long term care facility, it is absolutely critical that you NEVER sign an arbitration agreement. These documents are not a pre-condition for admission, despite what any facility representative tells you, and are often lumped in with the stack of paperwork you are required to sign during the admission process. These types of arbitration agreements are designed to protect the facility from being held fully responsible for any negligence should it occur during the stay at the facility. More and more people are starting to wake up to the rampant abuse of forced arbitration in nursing homes and pressuring the government to end the practice. You can help, and learn more, by visiting Change.org here and signing the pledge to protect seniors' rights!

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