What should I do to protect my legal rights after a commercial truck accident?

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To fully help protect your legal rights after a trucking accident, you should consider hiring a lawyer. One of the most important things you can do after an accident is hiring a lawyer and not speaking with the trucking companies insurance provider. The insurance company may try to contact you before you have a lawyer and have you sign papers. Do not do this without consulting the legal advise of a skilled lawyer. Insurance companies will only offer the lowest amount of compensation and try to have you say or sign something that they can use against you. Another way to protect your rights is to gather as much evidence as you can early on. This may include:

  • Police reports
  • Witness accounts
  • Photos or videos of the scene

Who is held liable for my injuries?

Commercial truck accidents can be very complex due to the number of parties involved. Having a skilled lawyer on your side can help determine which parties are legally responsible for the accident and help file an accurate claim. Some of the companies that may be held liable can include:

  • The company that owns the rig, such as a construction company.
  • The owner of the tractor-trailer cab and the trailer.
  • The owner of the freight, such as Target, Walmart, etc…
  • The company that manufactured the cab, trailer and other parts of the vehicle.
  • A third-party maintenance company.

How do you prove that the accident was the commercial truck driver’s fault?

In order to prove the driver is at fault or another party of the commercial truck company, our team of lawyers will gather and analyze the evidence. We will take the time to interview the driver, witnesses, and the trucking company management. In addition, most of these cases involve a thorough investigation and will require testimonies from expert witnesses such as reconstruction specialists, forensic engineers and other specialists. Our resources allow us to build a strong case to help you gain the highest compensation possible. Even if the accident may have been partially your fault, our team of lawyers can fight on your behalf to find what areas the driver or trucking company should be held responsible for. Some of the areas the driver could have been negligent in could include:

  • Driving too quickly. This could be over the speed limit or driving quickly in poor weather conditions.
  • Not yielding to the right-of-way
  • Driving aggressively
  • Changing lanes carelessly
  • Driving excess hours resulting in fatigue
  • Not securing the load before beginning the drive

These are just some examples of what the driver could be held responsible for. Speaking with an auto accident lawyer Lakeland, FL relies on can help determine the best legal course of action.



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