Medical Malpractice Law Firm Phoenix AZ

Medical Malpractice Law Firm Phoenix AZ Medical Malpractice Law Firm Phoenix AZ

If you have been the victim of medical malpractice, you should contact a medical malpractice law firm in Phoenix, AZ such as Rispoli Law, PLLC. We have a medical malpractice attorney Phoenix, AZ trusts for their medical malpractice cases. A medical mistake can have catastrophic consequences. When the error could have or should have been prevented, it compounds the loss that much more.

Undertaking a medical malpractice claim is no easy feat, but with the proper information and evidence, you may recoup some or all of what you lost monetarily. While the burden you may bear seems impossible, if your case meets the four components required to make a medical malpractice suit, then you have a chance of getting financial compensation. Examine these elements needed to prove malpractice, so you know if your circumstance qualifies. You have the best shot of getting compensation when you partner with a Phoenix, Arizona medical malpractice law firm.

A Duty of Care

Medical professionals have a duty to care for patients. They are to investigate all symptoms, exhaust all options, and make every effort to treat the patient to the best of their ability. The duty of care is a responsibility that a medical practitioner has to serve every patient. It is a set of rules, both written and unwritten, that they will do no harm. Thus, the first prong of a medical malpractice case is establishing that the provider understood the duty they had towards patient care. A Phoenix medical malpractice law firm can do this.


A Breach Occurred

You would not be considering a medical malpractice suit if you were not injured while under the care of a provider. You must show that a breach in the duty of care occurred. This means showing that the provider:

  • Went against a normal procedure
  • Ignored standard treatment or diagnostic options
  • Failed to diagnose according to standard practice

If another medical professional would have taken another course of action and agrees that this provider made a foreseeable mistake, your case may meet this threshold.

A Direct Result of the Breach

Your injury or illness must have been made worse by the breach of the duty of care. If an ordinary course of medical intervention would have made your condition better or avoided it altogether, the resulting injuries or illness is a direct result of the provider's misstep. To prove this element, you must be able to show that you were under this professional's care and that you had an understanding that they were conducting care under the duty of care. When you work with a trusted medical malpractice law firm in Phoenix, AZ like us, you know we will help show that breach.

Harm Was Done

If a doctor hurt you, then there was harm committed. The damages you sustained were a direct result of the provider's actions or inactions. Thus, showing that you suffered loss or injuries is the final step in proving that malpractice was the culprit and that the provider was negligent in caring for you.

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A medical malpractice lawyer is your strongest resource in solidifying these components of a case. Seek out the help from a medical malpractice law firm in Phoenix, AZ from Rispoli Law, PLLC now.