How Do I Know If My Loved One Is Being Abused in A Nursing Home?

Elder Care Abuse Lawyer in Phoenix, AZ

When abuse of a loved one in a nursing home is evident, a nursing home lawyer can aggressively pursue compensation for damages sustained by the resident. A substantial settlement can make it possible for the victim to get quality medical care and housing in a safe nursing home that provides quality care to its residents. When punitive damages are assessed, a strong message is sent to the nursing home that harming their residents is unacceptable and they will be held accountable for their actions or inaction. A law firm is here to represent people who have been injured through no fault of their own by others who acted recklessly or negligently. Call today if you or your family member was harmed by a staff member of a nursing home, or by the home’s practices.

What are the signs of abuse in a nursing home?

Nursing home abuse is all too prevalent, a nursing home lawyer knows very well. In part, this is because abuse takes many forms. Injuries range from mild to severe to fatal. What can aggravate the frustration and pain for family members is that all too often the abuse of their elder is not always immediately apparent. In fact, it can go on for months before a family member recognizes that something is wrong. In the interim, their loved one suffered unnecessarily. Depending on the nature of the injury, signs of abuse will vary. When talking to your loved one residing in the nursing home, many experts caution to speak to them gently and with the understanding that they may not wish to share that they are being abused because of shame, embarrassment, or the fear of upsetting loved ones should they discover that abuse is occurring. Also, when an individual has challenges with communication, awareness, or other issues, it can be difficult to ascertain whether or not they are suffering from abuse or neglect. If you suspect that abuse is occurring, talk to the nursing home about your concerns and also consider contacting a lawyer to discuss your case.

Here are some of the many common signs of nursing home abuse:

  • Bruising that is either unexplained or else the explanation does not make sense.
  • Bedsores. A bedsore is caused by unrelieved pressure on the body in areas where the skin is the thinnest. Bedsores most often present in areas where the bones are located such as the hips or legs. Other areas such as the buttocks are also common. When the resident is not turned in their bed often enough by a nursing home staff member, bedsores are likely to develop.
  • Broken bones. As a person ages, their body naturally becomes more frail and vulnerable to injury. If nursing home staff do not maintain safe and accessible walkways, a resident may slip and fall. In their younger years, this may have resulted in bruising but at an advanced age, the result could be catastrophic in the form of a broken hip or other broken bone.
  • Emotional outbursts, anxiety, depression, the desire to isolate themselves. If a resident is being physically, mentally, or sexually abused, their personal behavior may change drastically.

To discuss the possibility of filing a claim or lawsuit against a long term residential facility, contact an elder care abuse lawyer in Phoenix, AZ for a consultation.

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