Hospital Malpractice Lawyer Phoenix, Arizona

Hospital Malpractice Lawyer Phoenix, Arizona A doctor is using his tablet computer.

When something goes wrong because of a doctor’s negligence in a hospital, you want the help of a hospital malpractice lawyer in Phoenix, Arizona. Accidents happen. Mistakes are inevitable in any profession or pursuit. However, it is important to keep in mind that there are the kinds of mistakes that are understandable and the kinds of mistakes that are absolutely unacceptable. What differentiates the two types? Unacceptable mistakes are those that are almost always preventable. When these mistakes occur, they generally occur due to recklessness or gross negligence. In the medical profession, unacceptable mistakes are commonly referred to as “never events.†A never event is a medical error that generally only occurs when there is recklessness or true negligence at play. If even basic care was being administered, that never event would not have occurred. A wrong-site surgery is considered a never event. Therefore, if you have been the victim of a wrong-site surgery, you should strongly consider connecting with a hospital malpractice lawyer Phoenix, AZ offers from Rispoli Law, PLLC in order to explore your legal options.

Wrong-Site Surgery – The Basics

If you were a patient in a wrong-site surgery, you should contact a
hospital malpractice lawyer Phoenix, AZ trusts. A wrong-site surgery occurs when a surgical team operates on the wrong body part of a patient’s body. The classic examples of wrong-site surgery involve taking out the wrong kidney or cutting open the wrong leg. Wrong-site surgery can also occur when the wrong surgical procedure is performed on a patient or the procedure scheduled to be performed on one patient is incorrectly performed on another. It is not known exactly how many wrong-site surgeries occur on an annual basis in the U.S. and these mistakes are indeed relatively rare. It has been estimated that fewer than 1,000 wrong-site surgeries happen in the U.S. annually. But when a mistake is classified as a never event, a Phoenix, AZ hospital malpractice lawyer knows that even one instance is one mistake too many. It is partially for this reason that it is so important to speak with an attorney if you have been affected by a wrong-site surgery. The mistake that happened to you should have never occurred.

Get Help From a Hospital Malpractice Lawyer Phoenix, Arizona Trusts!

If you have recently become a victim of wrong-site surgery, know that you are not alone. This is the kind of mistake that doesn’t “just happen.†As a result, you likely have strong grounds for a legal claim. Meeting with an attorney is designed to ensure that people who have been hurt as a result of someone else’s actions or inactions can ask questions and explore their options. Meeting with an attorney does not commit you to file a claim. However, if you do not meet with an attorney, you may have regrets down the road because you never took the time to explore your legal options. Don’t wait. Connect with a hospital malpractice lawyer in Phoenix, Arizona from Rispoli Law, PLLC now.