Find the Right Intellectual Property Lawyer

When considering what makes a business successful, many people do not automatically think of intellectual property. Instead, they may think of having the right investors, having good employees, and having people in and out of their doors on a regular basis. The intellectual property of a business is the type of property that someone has created that can provide themselves or their business with an economic benefit. A patent attorney, like from The Law Office of Konrad Sherinian, LLC, would like to help you if you have questions about intellectual property or if you would like to file for a patent, a copyright, or a trademark. It is paramount that you are able to protect your business by protecting your intellectual property. 

What is copyright protection?

When you have a copyright protection in place, it means that you or your business have some type of original work of authorship. This could be a play, a painting, software, a photograph, or even music. If you believe your piece qualifies under copyright protection, it means that it is an original piece and you do not want anyone else to be able to recreate it for their own profit. If someone does re-create your work and sells it for their own gain, this could be viewed as copyright infringement and you would be legally allowed to sue them. 

What is a patent?

When you are in the business of inventing, it means that you (or one of your employees) has created a unique device that you can market to others. This type of product needs a patent to protect it. If someone else copies the product you created and attempts to sell it, they are infringing on your patent. A patent, as your intellectual property lawyer will tell you, is good for 20 years. When you are in the business of inventing, you want to ensure you understand who legally owns the inventions. Does your company own them or do the employees or contractors who create them own them? This is where an intellectual property attorney can be very helpful. 

What is a trademark?

When you name a product, your business, or use a type of logo to signify what your business is, this is when a trademark would be most beneficial. When you are able to market your product with a certain logo, color, or design, this can be a very easy way for people to identify who you are and pick your product easily. Speak with your intellectual property attorney to help you apply for a trademark so that your item or business is protected.