Coronavirus Work Injury Lawyer

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If you believe you contracted coronavirus at work, you should consult a coronavirus work injury lawyer. You may be entitled to compensation. Employers are required by law to take reasonable measures to protect their workers from coronavirus exposure in the workplace.

What Are the Symptoms of Coronavirus?

Coronavirus can affect people in different ways. Some people may only experience mild symptoms while others have severe symptoms and require hospitalization. Symptoms can appear 2 to 14 days after exposure and may include fever, cough, fatigue, body aches, sore throat and loss of taste or smell. In severe cases, the virus can result in breathing difficulties, bluish lips and persistent pain in the chest.

Who Is at Risk of Coronavirus?

While anyone can contract coronavirus, certain people are more likely to develop life-threatening complications from the virus. Elderly people have a higher risk of experiencing severe symptoms than their younger counterparts because they have weaker immune systems. As people get older, their immunity diminishes and they are not able to fight off diseases as easily.

People with preexisting conditions, such as heart disease or diabetes, are also more likely to develop serious complications from coronavirus. They have weakened immune systems and may not be able to fight off the virus.

What Should I Do If I Get Exposed to Coronavirus at Work?

If you have been experiencing symptoms of coronavirus, you should tell your employer immediately and stay home and quarantine for two weeks. If you have emergency warning signs, you should seek medical attention immediately. As of right now, there is no specific treatment for this virus. Instead, supportive care, such as pain relievers and fluid intake, is used to reduce symptoms.

What Protective Measures Are Employers Required to Take?

Employers are legally obligated to provide their workers with necessary personal protective equipment, like face masks and gloves, and sanitation supplies. If they fail to do this and employees get sick, they can be held liable.

If you think that your employer has not taken reasonable measures to protect workers against coronavirus exposure, you may be able to file a lawsuit.

Does Workers’ Compensation Cover Coronavirus Exposure?

If an employee contracts coronavirus in the workplace, the company may be required to provide workers’ compensation benefits. However, the employee must be able to prove that the virus was definitely contracted at work and there were no other opportunities for exposure outside the workplace. This can be difficult to prove, so having a coronavirus work injury lawyer on your side is essential. He or she will help you build a strong case and ensure your legal rights are protected.

If you think you got coronavirus at work, you should schedule a consultation with a coronavirus work injury lawyer as soon as possible.