Giving a Powerful Voice to Those Injured by the Wrongdoing of Others

Giving a Powerful Voice to Those Injured by the Wrongdoing of Others


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Why I do What I do

Why I do What I do I cannot heal physical injuries. I cannot bring a lost loved one back into this world… All I can do is make life a little better, a little easier, than it was before someone came out of nowhere and terribly changed someone else’s life forever. It is not enough,…

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Can social media hurt your accident claim?

It’s a common story – a man is injured – an accident, at work, some set of circumstances leading to injury and is off work and files a lawsuit. When the man goes to trial, he’s sitting there next to his lawyer looking pathetic, with a limp, wearing a neck brace and Voila! the lawyer…

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Filing a Personal Injury Claim on Your Child’s Behalf

A personal injury lawyer can help you with the claim process if your child was severely injured by an individual or corporate entity through carelessness or negligence. Our legal team has helped many people get the compensation they deserve for their family member who was injured through no fault of their own. Call us today…

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What Kind of Lawyer Do I Need?

In many ways, choosing a lawyer is a lot like choosing a doctor.  If your foot hurts, you do not go to an eye doctor. Instead, you go to a podiatrist.  But not just any podiatrist will do. Most people want doctors who are experienced, highly rated, and conveniently located. There are some major differences…

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Pressure Sore Injury Prevention

Nursing Home Malpractice Phoenix, AZ Caring for a family member, loved one or friend in a nursing home is a daunting task. Unless you have significant amounts of discretionary income, most nursing homes are sadly built to operate on the thinnest of margins—in order to put more profit into the pockets of owners. We don’t believe…

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How Do I File A Medical Malpractice Suit?

How Do I File A Medical Malpractice Suit? Medical malpractice cases can be filed when a hospital or medical provider such as nurses, doctors, or medical workers fails to practice due care when treating a patient. This kind of negligence could result damaging misdiagnosis, unnecessary surgery, improper medication, and premature discharge. For a patient to…

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