Birth Injury Caused By Vacuum or Forceps

Birth Injury

Giving birth can be an uncomplicated process for some. However, this is not always the case, and while many women wish to give birth as naturally as possible, it is not always the healthiest solution for her or her baby. In some instances, it is necessary to use other tools to assist with the birth in order to safely guide the baby through the birth canal during the delivery process. When this is the case, the doctor may use tools like forceps or vacuum extraction.

These tools were designed to help deliver a baby in the safest and gentlest way possible. That said, these do not always make the delivery process smooth, and if your baby suffered from a birth injury after your doctor used one of the tools, you may be entitled to compensation. You should speak with a birth injury attorney, like a birth injury attorney from Longwood, FL, as soon as possible to see if your doctor used these tools negligently and caused your baby to be injured.

How can a baby be injured from vacuum extraction?

Although vacuum extraction can sound like a scary process, when a trained medical professional uses it, it can gently help pull the baby out of the birth canal without trauma occurring. There are two types of vacuum extraction that your doctor would use during the delivery process; either the soft cup method or the metal cup method.

The soft cup method is supposed to be very gentle. However, because of this, it poses a greater risk of detaching from your baby during the process. Many doctors prefer to use the metal cup method because there is a better chance of pulling the baby out, however, there is also a higher chance of causing trauma to your baby’s scalp.

When your doctor does not use this method properly, your baby may suffer from disfigurement or bruising at the site of the vacuum. Your baby may also suffer from a subgaleal hemorrhage at the area where the doctor used the vacuum. This type of injury can cause swelling, so it is important to look out for signs of this injury. Further, the mother may also become damaged if the doctor does not perform this procedure safely.

How can a baby be injured using forceps?

Forceps delivery can also cause your baby to become injured. While the instrument may look scary because of its curved tongs, doctors have been using this method for hundreds of years to help gently guide the baby out of the birth canal. Some of the most common injuries you would see from this instrument are abrasions or bruising, though it is possible your baby could suffer from permanent disfigurement or from Erb’s Palsy if the doctor applied too much pressure while trying to get your baby out.

If your baby was injured by a doctor who improperly used a tool during your labor and delivery, please contact a trusted and compassionate attorney who can help you make a case. 
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